Session in English 1-on-1


We meet via ZOOM for 60 minutes. When scheduling the meeting via the link below, 90 minutes are reserved. So when closing our ZOOM-session the remaining 30 minutes are for you to do anything that can help you relax and process. Maybe some music, a meditation or being in quiet… anything you want.

After your payment you can schedule your session here:


Do you need support, without judgement or advice?
Are you stuck? Or are you done with old beliefs and patterns?
Do you want to keep growing, keep learning from your struggles en from what other people reflect to you?

You don’t have to do it alone.

As an energetic therapist I see you the way you are. And I ‘work’ with what’s here in the moment.

Your desires and what’s bothering you can be felt somewhere in your body, Your body has so much wisdom, even more that your head could begin to understand. Because a lot cannot be explained with words. With energetic therapy and constellations I can help you in a way that connect your head and body. By becoming aware of what’s underneath a desire, pain or frustration and processing this. By re-connecting you with your body I can help you become stronger and calmer inside yourself.

I guide you through this. In your pace.
I see you.

After your payment you can schedule your session via

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